Gmail With “Own Domain”

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Kemaren pas lagi browsing ke situs nya Pak Sunaryo Hadi, ane nemu link untuk buat email GMail dengan kapasitas mailbox 2 GB, yang bisa di setting menggunakan domain kita sendiri, benerkah?

Ok, I’ll check it, and great….!!! That’s True….!!! tanpa lagi, ane langsung aja arahkan kursor ane ke signup, dan kemudian ikutin step-step selanjutnya hingga finish.

Rencananya email ini akan ane gunakan untuk domain, karena sampe sekarang domain ini blom mempunyai mail dengan domain sendiri.

Setelah signup, ane nerima email konfirmasi dari google :

Welcome to Google Apps for Your Domain!

We’re excited to help you offer email accounts and other communication and sharing tools to all of your users.

Your organization has been automatically accepted for this service, and by now you should have created a new administrative account for your domain — something like This admin account gives you access to the Google Apps for Your Domain control panel ( If you haven’t already done so, you should log in to the control panel to set up your user list, select the services that you want, and activate those services. The control panel also lets you add additional administrators and adjust a variety of domain settings. If you get stuck, you can always access our help center (

Feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to contact us through the help center about what’s working for you and how we can improve.

All the best,

The Google Team

Langkah selanjutnya adalah mengupdate MX record MX Domain kita (kebetulan saya menggunakan domain ke MX yang diberikan oleh google, and please wait for 48 jam hingga MX domain kita yg baru terupdate.

I’ll be waiting for you “Google Cute” 🙂


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    Mail “” Done..!!! « Just [invaleed] said:
    November 14, 2006 at 4:40 am

    […] Menyambung tulisan sebelumnya tentang Gmail With “Own Domain” , akhirnya setting email dengan domain yang menggunakan fasilitas dari google udah bisa running well :). […]

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